1st Blog Post….The Beginning

Our Journey all started when we were given a referral for our son Greyson for a speech evaluation at about 18 months of age. I made the call and set up the in home evaluation for them to come and assess Greyson. The day came and 2 therapists showed up and started the evaluation with a lot of questions about development, milestones, etc… The evaluation lasted about 2-3 hours and at the conclusion of the appointment I heard one of the therapists say possible Autism. In that moment I immediately started to cry. I had absolutely no idea the road I was about to go down. When neither of the therapists comforted me or even said “Well we don’t know for sure, let him be evaluated.” They then walked out, the appointment was over, and at the moment my entire world was rocked. I remember walking into the other room since my husband Shawn was working from home that day, and blurting out Greyson has Autism, he is 100% autistic. I knew for sure in my gut after that first initial meeting that Greyson was autistic. After telling Shawn , I think he was a little confused, and didn’t quite understand what I was saying to him. He said we would figure it all out. I then turned to the angry emotion. I said “This will not be happening in our house” or “I’m going to fix this and get rid of it”, and I can’t forget the classic “Why Us” phrase. “What did we do to deserve this?” I was completely ignorant and uneducated. I was one of those people who had absolutely no idea about any of it. No one I knew had autism, it wasn’t in neither of our families, however now I do think it exists in our families somewhere. That following week I went into a depression, and almost then grieving on what I thought life would or should look like.

After those few days of sulking, I thought to myself I can either sit here depressed and do nothing, or I can get to work and learn everything I possibly can so I can help Greyson. From this point on I have completely enthralled myself into the world of Autism, and I would never have it any other way.

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